Training, qualifications & experience

I work with individual adults and also with couples.

Your first session will be a time for us to talk about what has brought you here, and for us both to decide whether we think we can work well together.

Counselling sessions last for just under one hour.

If you decide that you would like to return, it can be useful to make a plan to attend five or six sessions in order to establish a level of relating where trust and honesty can grow. However you are of course free to stop attending at any time.

I work in a brief solution-focused way when this is appropriate, but many clients benefit from knowing that there is no limit to how many sessions they can avail of. While some issues are fairly specific, it can be hugely beneficial to reflect upon life and oneself in a broader sense for a longer period of time.

If you hold to a tradition of faith or spiritual belief, I can give you a place to explore this, and to see how it informs and impacts your decisions and responses.

I have experience with a broad range of concerns, and particular interest in the following areas: -

Individual Needs

  • - Sadness
  • - Depression
  • - Anxiety
  • - Bereavement, whether recent or some time ago
  • - Work relationships and stresses
  • - Life stages
  • - New parenthood
  • - Money matters
  • - Difficulties with parents
  • - Relocation
  • - Boundaries
  • - Victims and survivors of sexual abuse
  • - Abortion
  • - Miscarriage
  • - Suicidal thoughts
  • - Ageing

Relationship issues

  • - Conflict
  • - Communication problems
  • - Domestic abuse
  • - Matters to do with sex and intimacy
  • - Family breakup
  • - Recovery following separation or divorce
  • - Loneliness