Anketell Counselling, Bangor, Co. Down

Why Counselling?

There are many and varied reasons why we find ourselves bewildered, distressed or confused, and unable to work out what to do about it. You may be finding it difficult to talk to people you know about how you’re feeling; even in your perplexity it might not be advice you want. Looking for a counsellor could be the first step to finding the help you need.

It’s not difficult to find lists of the sort of things that draw people towards a counsellor – depression, loss, life stages; and it’s easy to tell yourself that there’s always somebody who’s worse off and that your problem isn’t really so bad. As an experienced counsellor I know from time spent with many clients that things that might at first seem small can often have very deep roots.

However it might be that you really don’t feel you have much choice about all this – things are overwhelming you to the point where you must speak. The safety of the counselling room may be what you need right now.